Sphero & littleBits Self-Service Resources

We’ve gathered our most useful downloadable and printable resources that are ideal for educators or parents.

Our goal is to give you the tools and support you need to empower students in any environment to create, experiment, and become critical problem solvers through play-based learning and project-based lessons.

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Educator Resources 

Sphero Educator Resource Guide

littleBits Educator Resource Guide

Sphero Summer Camp Guide

littleBits Summer Camp Guide

STEM & Computer Science Funding Resources

Reads with Resources 

Child Development Resources

STEM Teaching Resources

K-12 Educator Resources

Activities & Games

Hybrid Learning 

Sphero BOLT and SPRK+ Resources 

BOLT At Home Guide 

Activities and Learner Progression

Code Mat (Golf & City) Activity Cards 

Code Mat (Soccer & Space) Activity Cards

High School Activity Progression

AP Computer Science Principles Teacher Guide


Computer Science Foundations by Sphero Resources

CSF Overview (Brochure for Administrators) 

Course 1 Demo (Nature) 

Course 2 Demo (Empathy) 

Course 3 Demo (Brain Breakers) 

Standards Alignments

Sphero indi Resources 

Get to Know indi

Literacy and Math Support

Special Education Guide

Sample Educator Guide Book

Beginner's Guide to Programming Cards

DIY Challenge Cards for indi

Beginner's Guide to Programming Booklet (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French)


Sphero Mini Resources 

Mini at Home Guide 

Activities and Learner Progression 

EDU Activity Cards

Play Activity Cards 

Sphero RVR Resources 

RVR Software Development Kit (SDK)


Printable BOLT Space Code Mat - Instructions

Printable BOLT Space Code Mat 

Printable Paper Protractor 

3-D Printed Maze Template

3-D Printed Compass Template

3-D Printed Ramp Template

littleBits Resources 

littleBits At Home Guide

Invention Log 

Feedback Chart 

Code Kit Vocabulary Definitions

Introduction to the Fuse App

Unplugged Activities 

Conditionals Unplugged

Loops Unplugged

Inputs and Outputs Unplugged

COVID-19 Resources

Socially Distanced with Sphero

Classroom Management Guide 

Check out & Lending Guide 

Cleaning and Disinfecting Sphero Tools Guide 


Sphero and littleBits Downloadable Apps

Fuse App 


Sphero Global Challenge Resources

Season 2 Resources

Season 1 Archive 


Other Resources




Grant Guide